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The Business

An industry-leading recruitment agency based in the UK, The Levin Group works with companies within FinTech, HealthTech, GreenTech and RetailTech sectors on a global scale.

Known as the go-to people for connecting top tech talent with the most innovative businesses in the world, The Levin Group’s expert consultants are specialists in their recruitment niches.

The Problem

Launching a new division in their business, The Levin Group had a fast growth trajectory planned - and they needed to find a lot of talented people quickly to achieve it.                       

Dedicated to their core values of Honesty, Performance, and Responsibility, they didn’t want to hire just anyone. They needed the best in the industry. And with such a short time to fill those roles, they needed a team that could deliver good-fit, high-quality candidates - and quickly.                                                           

When I have an interview in my diary from Buchanan Graduates, I expect to want to hire that person - I don't go into it wondering what I might get.

James Brown, CEO

Buchanan Graduates


The Solution

The Levin Group reached out to a few local rec-to-rec agencies before finding (and partnering with) Buchanan Search.                                 

Our team worked closely with The Levin Group to find the perfect candidates to fill their open positions. Sourcing potential hires quickly and efficiently, our team worked diligently to find them a team that would work within their company long-term.

We interviewed, processed, and delivered 140 high-quality candidates that fit The Levin Group’s needs. Our unrivalled dedication to client satisfaction is just one of the benefits of working with our team - and we maintained constant communication throughout the hiring process with The Levin Group to answer any questions, keep them informed, and keep the project on track.

The Result

Our team successfully placed 140 new hires in The Levin Group’s new division.

Since hiring our candidates, The Levin Group has launched an overseas office, and are now making seven-figure sales in a single week. A huge part of their impressive growth is the quality of people they’re bringing into their training programs - and our team has played a substantial role in making this happen.

The Buchanan Search team has helped The Levin Group for their last three hiring sprints, and 66% of the candidates we’ve placed at the company have also gone on to become resounding successes within their business long-term.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with The Levin Group in the future, providing them with the high-quality candidates they need to continue their astounding growth in their industry.

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