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10 Ways Buchanan Graduate Help Recruitment Firms Reach Top Talent

15th December 2022
10 Ways Buchanan Graduate Help Recruitment Firms Reach Top Talent

Do you need help attracting the right talent for your clients? Don’t worry, you and many other recruiters, even the most experienced ones, are having the same struggle with talent searches.

Let’s face it; the recruitment market hasn’t gotten much easier since mass resignations rocked our world during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

That means we have to think outside the box and work smarter to source, attract, engage, and convert the best-fit talent for our clients to keep them happy. 

One option you may still need to explore is to partner with a specialist recruitment firm, like ours, to widen your network and create a quality stream of candidates to pitch to your clients.

Keep reading to learn more about the 10 ways Buchanan Graduate helps recruitment firms reach top talent. 

Access graduate candidates

First and foremost, Buchanan Graduates specialises in graduate recruitment. By refining our network, knowledge, and skills within this niche, we’re able to provide you with fresh graduate talent to fulfil your client briefs.

Spend less for quality talent 

If you want to create a solid pipeline of highly skilled candidates while staying within your clients’ budgets, then graduate talent is a great option. Our specialist recruiters have strong ties with university-educated professionals and can help you build a team on a budget.

Calculate potential savings 

We know that numbers are important for your profit margins. That’s why we have a nifty cost-saving calculator on our website. In a matter of clicks, you’ll see how much you can save by using us as your recruitment partner vs. a traditional recruitment agency. 

Try the Buchanan Recruitment Calculator

Recruit for a range of industries

Whether you specialise in a specific recruitment sector or are a more generalist recruitment firm, Buchanan Graduate has you covered with our large network of graduate candidates proficient in an array of industries. 

Need talent for one or more of these sectors? We’ll get you sorted.

  • Business Intelligence: From Oracle and Salesforce talent to graduates with a background in business intelligence, find exactly who you need with Buchanan

  • Consultancy: Looking for graduates who can offer consultancy for business strategy, finance, HR, or IT? We’re already talking to them

  • Global Markets: Our recruitment consultants build relationships with graduates specialising in finance to support financial firms across the UK

  • Sales: Whether you need sales staff for financial, media, or IT-related roles, Buchanan Graduate knows where they are and can help you build a stellar team

  • Recruitment & Executive: From start-ups to FTSE 250 listed firms, Buchanan Graduate is a go-to source for recruitment firms for qualified graduate talent

  • Technology:  We help a range of tech recruiters access talent with niche skills in data science, disruptive technologies, and more

Remove recruitment headaches

If you’re trying to find the perfect-fit candidates for your client’s teams and want to streamline the process to save time, money, and stress, Buchanan Graduate can help. We simplify identifying the right people for your clients by shortlisting candidates on your behalf.

Minimise your recruitment workload

Our proven recruitment process works. That’s why we’re the go-to source for graduate recruitment in the UK. Remove the guesswork and minimise your recruitment workload by capitalising on our specialist graduate recruitment resources.



Search & selection

Offer process

Post placement 

The Buchanan Guarantee

Want to learn more? Check out our previous blog, “The Buchanan Blueprint: Our Unique Recruitment Process Explained.”

Eliminate hiring risks

Your investment is safe with us, thanks to the Buchanan Guarantee. The Buchanan Guarantee is our promise to deliver a free replacement within the first 12 months of a placement if a candidate isn’t working out like you’d hoped.

Speed up talent acquisition

By partnering with our talented team of recruiters, you’ll be able to deliver high-quality talent to your clients faster. This keeps them happy with your excellent service and gives you a chance to increase your pricing based on previous success.

Deliver quality graduate talent

We’re dedicated to connecting your recruitment firm with highly-motivated graduates, entry-level workers, and talented trainees. We have the experience needed to recognise quality talent and can help you match candidates with jobs they’ll make a serious impact in. 

Make candidate engagement easy

By accessing our recruitment services to help support your own talent searches, you can outsource all the candidate engagement work to us. So when a candidate reaches you, they’re already interested, pre-qualified, and ready to get started.

Get exclusive insights 

Our recruitment team is here to support your firm in any way we can. We act as your trusted consultant, offering strategic advice on your own recruiting methods and helping you make wise hiring decisions. We also share our wisdom in our regularly updated insights section.

Explore our insights for the latest advice, hiring trends, and recruitment guidance.

Ready to partner with us for all your recruitment needs?

Getting professional recruitment support from an agency that knows what you need, has access to fresh on the market graduate talent, and can help you meet your targets is a serious no-brainer. 

If you need help securing the right talent for your clients’ company culture, goals, and long-term vision, talk to our recruitment consultants here at Buchanan Graduate. 

Using The Buchanan Blueprint, our proven 6-step process for finding, hiring, and retaining top graduate talent, we help UK recruiters save money and time while securing eager, ambitious, and skilled professionals for their clients.  

Want to learn more and see how we can help? Book your fluff-free strategy call. 

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