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7 Awesome Reasons to Start a Career in Recruitment

12th April 2022 | by: James Baker
7 Awesome Reasons to Start a Career in Recruitment

Recruitment is the art form of building careers and teams with skilled candidate-role matches. It is finding the next great team member for a growing business. If you've ever wanted a job where your intuition, dedication, and personal energy provide a long-term benefit to everyone you meet. That is exactly what it's like to be a professional recruiter.

Whether you are a recent graduate looking to make a career change, recruiting primarily takes energy and objectivity. If you can spot good matches between companies, open roles, and seeking professionals, then you can build a career as a recruiter. The number and value of the roles you connect will define your ultimate success in the career.  

Why should you start a career in recruiting?  

1. You are the Next Chapter in Every Story

Being a recruiter is standing at the crux of landmark changes professional lives and business teams. A team transforms when a new member is added. The power dynamic shifts, friendships and workflows are redefined. A new job is also a huge change in any individual's life, with new projects and coworkers to adapt to. As a recruiter, you are essential to connecting professionals and teams that will positively impact each other.

You help define the next great successes and promotions for each professional. You also build the teams that achieve great things together when each new team member is a strong match.

2. You Understand What Businesses and Professionals Need

Great recruiters have "the eye" for what a business really wants and what a professional is really looking for. It starts by just reading the documents. Can you read the underlying team culture from a job description or what someone's career is building up to from their resume? Could you learn to?

You may learn to see to the heart of a job search or candidate search by interviewing your clients to quickly determine their 'cultural fit' details. Or perhaps you're great at asking all the right questions and the answers lead you to good matches. If you have a method to understand what makes a great role-candidate fit, you will thrive in the recruitment industry. 

3. You Love to Work Independently

Recruitment is a self-directed career. You are building the resume lists that hiring managers will work from. You are the leg-work in the hiring process, going out and finding great talent for the roles currently being hired. You can also connect with great talent and seek out roles they would love, like a booking agent for engineers and executives.

Recruiters make commissions based on providing resumes and pre-engaged candidates for hiring businesses. This means that the more hiring clients you recruit for and the more roles you successfully fill, the more successful you become as a recruiter. While there are recruitment agencies, the job is inherently independent and many recruiters choose to work with complete self-direction.

Become a recruiter if you want your job to be networking business and professional clients, then make money from every dream-job matchup you find.

4. You will Learn About Many Industries While Recruiting

Recruiting is also a great career for the Jack-of-all-Trades personality. If you've always wanted to learn a little of everything and on a deeper level than beginner YouTube lessons, recruiting is the perfect place to be. You see behind-the-scenes in almost every industry to learn what they need in a good team member. You learn about what makes a great manufacturing engineer vs. a software engineer. You'll learn to find great graphic artists, the traits of a future marketing star, and what each industry really means by "motivated" in its niche.

You may learn some technical knowledge and a good deal of operational knowledge about each of the industries you recruit for. This is not just interesting, it's also transferrable job skills, should you want to specialise in niche recruiting or take a lateral step into a role you've learned about in the course of your work.

5. You Will Build a Vast Network of Colleagues and Friends

Recruiters often never fully lose touch with the professionals they network and the hiring managers they've worked with. In fact, over the course of your career, you may hire for the same manager in several companies - and may even help them transition between roles. Careers are long, and recruiters are at the crux of that upward-mobility dance when professionals move on to each new role.

Your network will be vast, with both candidates and hiring managers becoming long-term contacts. The more you refine the industries and niches you recruit for, the more you will see the same faces over years and decades in these refined sectors. The broader your range, the wider a net you will cast.

6. Meet Great People, Make Good Money

Choosing a career defines your experiences for the next five to fifty years. If you thrive in recruitment, then you will find yourself in an exhilaratingly competitive yet friendly role at the crux of career changes and professional team building. You will meet thousands of great people, skilled professionals, and managers, and connect them in ways that positively change lives with every successful step you take as a recruiter. 

Other recruiters tend to be a riot, with a trend toward extroversion and positivity, while the professionals you connect to dream jobs will always be happy to hear from you again at the next phase in their career path. The money (because we know you're wondering) is also pretty great. With a growing list of business clients and a steady pace of good matches, you can count on a comfortable lifestyle.

In terms of building a rewarding professional life, recruiting is considered by those who thrive there to be good money for connecting great people with each other.

7. You Are Flexible with the Times

Few careers must adapt more to changing viewpoints and methods than recruiters. In the last 20 years, the business culture's entire approach to recruiting has transformed. The War for Talent, the rise of work-life balance and wellness, followed by the recent labour shortage has transitioned recruiters from interview-operators to career agents and coaches. At the same time, software advancements now make it possible to seek, sort, automate, and even anonymise resumes to streamline the leg-work aspect of recruiting with programmatic fairness.

If you can flex with the times as recruiting soft skills and software redefine the industry with each new decade, you will make a great recruiter.

Looking for an empowering career of networking and changing lives for the better? Do you have the eye for what companies are looking for and job-seekers need as their next career step? Consider starting a career in recruitment. You'll find independence, interesting opportunities, and life-long friendships; and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

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