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Need Help Finding a Job? 7 Ways a Recruiter Can Help

7th September 2022 | by: James Baker
Need Help Finding a Job? 7 Ways a Recruiter Can Help

You've spent hours brushing up your CV, editing your LinkedIn profile, and applying to job after job, and: nothing. It can be disheartening when you've given your job hunt your all, yet all you're hearing back is crickets. 

But many candidates forget that you don't have to go through the job search process alone. There are trained professionals who can help you look for and find a job. But not just any job; your dream job.

These professionals are called (you guessed it) recruitment consultants. Never worked with a recruiter before? Here are our top 7 reasons why you should work with a recruiter to help you find a job and take that next step in your career. 

How to find a job - with a little help from your recruiter friends

Whether you're fairly happy in your current role and just want to see what's out there, looking for your very first job out of university, or need help navigating your next career move, asking a recruiter to help you offers many benefits. 

Discover your options

Just because you're chatting with a recruitment consultant doesn't mean you need to make any solid commitments. We're happy to help you explore your job options and learn more about different roles or industries that interest you, no strings attached.

Knowledge is power, and when it comes to recruitment, even more so. So we're here to offer the sound advice and solid industry data you need to help you plan for future job opportunities. 

Our conversations can help you clarify how happy you really are in your current role and whether you really want to make a move or not. We can help you decide what kind of job you're looking for and the type of company you want to work in. 

See where you stand

Do you find it hard to value yourself? Always feel uncomfortable when it comes to salary negotiations? That's because you don't have an objective view of your talent - something a recruiter will.

We have the experience, expertise, and unique understanding of the marketplace to help you position yourself for a specific job. Our consultants understand the complete picture of what you have to offer, from your qualifications to your soft skills and can help you put a price tag on it. 

Access our expertise

Recruitment consultants know what it takes to master the interview process, write a compelling CV, navigate the offer stage, and so much more. 

By gaining the support of a professional recruiter, you're also gaining access to their experience-backed knowledge and wisdom to aid your job search.

Recruiters can give you the information, education, and practical tools you need to make strategic, informed decisions throughout your job search and interview journey to land the role you want the most. 

Tap into a wider job market

Recruiters know about jobs before they've even been posted on job application websites, giving you access to more opportunities than if you go it alone. 

In some cases, they may even be able to approach companies they feel you'd be perfect for and see if they're looking for someone like you (even if they haven't opened up an official role yet).

Working with a recruiter will also open up new opportunities you didn't even know existed for someone with your unique skill set and talents. 

Roles that may offer better salaries and benefits than you're currently chasing. Without a recruiter, looking for a job is limited to what's online. 

Get support at every stage

Working with a recruitment professional to help you find and secure your next job is a fantastic way to get the support you need to prepare for whatever comes your way. 

They'll look after you during the job hunt and interview process, making sure to keep you in the loop about your job application progress - something not all companies will do on their own accord.

Recruitment consultants also have the network and insights to help you cut down your job hunt workload by narrowing down your options and presenting you with roles that best fit your search criteria. 

Want our expert tips for nailing your job search? Check out our previous blog “How to ace your interview”.

Recruiters need people like you

A recruiter's primary goal is to find talented candidates for the companies they work with. They're highly motivated to fulfil their briefs - meaning they're also motivated to help you find your next job. 

It's in a recruiter's best interest to network with candidates, so they have a shortlist they can call upon for specific job roles that land on their plate. 

That's why working with a recruiter can help you find a job faster, as you have someone vouching for you when job opportunities arise and actively seeking out roles to suit you. 

Get essential feedback 

After employers complete the interview stages and they have made their final decision, your recruiter will do you the courtesy of (if unsuccessful) letting you know why they didn't choose you for the role. 

Getting feedback isn't a given without a recruiter. In most situations, you'll attend interviews and likely never hear a truthful answer as to why they offered the job to another candidate or any helpful feedback.

A recruiter can give you the essential pointers you need based on client feedback to improve your interviews and focus on upskilling any relevant skill that may have let you down.

Ready to get support from a recruitment agency? 

We hope you've realised the importance of working with a recruitment agency throughout your job search and how having a supportive recruiter by your side can help you find the job you're looking for. 

From helping you value yourself to navigating the interview process, you've nothing to lose by getting in touch with a recruiter today!

You don't have to navigate your career alone. Our expert recruitment consultants are here to nurture you from job applications right through to interviews and onboarding. 

At Buchanan Search, we help UK graduates, entry-level workers, and trainees navigate the next step in their professional journeys with helpful advice, attentive support, and ongoing access to the best job opportunities out there. 

Get in touch with us today to carve out your dream career path, step by step.

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