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Our Top 11 Business Development Tips for New Recruiters

10th January 2023
Our Top 11 Business Development Tips for New Recruiters

You've been in the recruitment business for a while now, so you know just how cutthroat it can be. The fierce competition, fight for talent, and pressure to keep clients happy can really come on top of you - especially when you're fairly new to this industry.

Plus, the recruitment landscape is constantly changing, and new players are always coming to the market looking for a piece of the pie. This can make business development tricky - especially without the help of a business development manager.

But with the right strategy, we know you can rise to the challenge and meet your business goals. All it takes is a little know-how, research, and some tips from business development experts - which we've conveniently provided in this blog! 

So if you'd like to learn more about business development to attract leads, charm candidates, and smash your targets, keep reading to see our top 11 business development tips for new recruiters!

What does business development look like for recruiters?

Before we dive into our recruitment business development tips, let's define business development and make sure you distinguish it from sales (though it's easy to mix these up!)

Recruitment business development is the process of identifying and pursuing new business opportunities to grow and expand your business. 

It involves developing business development strategies and taking action to acquire new clients, attract relevant candidates, increase revenue, and build brand awareness.

The overall goal of recruitment business development in recruiting is to consistently grow your recruitment agency, increase revenue, and create more business success.

This means focusing on both short-term and long-term growth strategies and continually adapting and evolving in response to changing market conditions and client needs.

What's involved in recruitment business development?

Business development is more than just you reaching out to X number of potential clients a week. When creating a business development strategy for your recruitment agency, there are many aspects you'll need to focus on. These include:

Conducting market research

To understand the needs of your potential clients and the competitive landscape to inform your business development efforts.

Growing your network

To build and maintain relationships with your recruitment clients, candidates, and partners and go after strategic partnerships to access new business opportunities.

Creating sales & marketing strategies

To develop and execute marketing campaigns and pursue and close sales opportunities with potential clients.

Carrying out business analysis

To monitor and analyse key metrics, such as revenue, client satisfaction, and candidate placement, to inform your business development decisions.

11 business development tips to smash your growth goals

Now that you better understand what business development for recruitment agencies is, let's get into why you're here - our best recruiting business development tips!

1. Conduct competitor research

Do some digging to learn as much as you can about your competitors. What do they offer that you don't? Why might clients or candidates be attracted to them? How can you differentiate yourself from them? 

2. Conduct audience research

Get to know your target clients and candidates on a deep level. What do they look for in a recruiter? What challenges are they facing? How can you help them? Knowing as much as you can about your target audience will be a key driver in your business development plan. 

3. Learn from current clients

Create a list of your current clients and use them to create buyer personas, listing why you love working with each client. Knowing the type of clients you like working with already and who you make the most profit on will help you target the right clients as you develop your business. 

4. Make business development a habit

Instead of looking at business development as a one-time thing you do every couple of months, approach it as an ongoing process. Build a habit of researching new ways to attract business, tools to create efficiency, and new marketing and sales strategies. 

5. Increase networking activities

A core part of developing your business is networking with the right people. That means making an extra effort to build relationships with potential clients and candidates through networking events, professional organisations, online communities, and social media.

6. Narrow your recruitment focus

Specialising in a particular recruitment industry or niche will enable you to become an expert and stand out in a competitive recruitment market. Play to your strengths here and choose a niche you won't get bored of or already have specialist knowledge of. 

7. Keep educating yourself

Stay up-to-date on recruitment industry trends and developments through training, attending conferences, and reading relevant articles to help inform your business development strategy and spark some ideas to grow your business. 

8. Regularly ask for feedback

How do you know what areas to develop in your business to attract more leads if you don't know what to improve on? Consistently ask for feedback from your clients, employees, and candidates to improve your services and remain competitive in the market.

9. Redefine your UVP

You might find that your unique value proposition has changed over the years. A vital part of recruitment business development is defining and redefining your unique value proposition so you can position your recruitment brand effectively. 

10. Use social media effectively

Cold-calling prospective clients is great, but it typically only works with success stories and paid advertising to back them up. The most successful recruiters will use social media to promote their new recruitment agency along with making prospecting calls. 

11. Get the right mentor

As a new recruiter, you must be open to accepting help and guidance from those who have come before you to generate leads and improve your sales pipeline.

Their valuable and knowledgeable contribution can help you to improve your recruitment process, the efforts of your sales team, and your customer relationships with existing clients.

So, research to find the right business development coach for your recruitment business. Did you know? We help recruitment agencies develop their businesses across the UK.

Try one of these business development tips today, you won't regret it!

With these business development tips, we know you can take your recruitment business to the next level! If you want even more business development tips, why not talk to our recruitment experts here at Buchanan Graduate? We can become almost like your business development manager, giving you the strategies, candidates, and guidance you need to grow.

Using The Buchanan Blueprint, our proven 6-step process for finding, hiring, and retaining top graduate talent, we help recruitment businesses save on recruitment costs while securing eager, ambitious, and skilled professionals for their team. 

Want to learn more and see how we can help? Book your fluff-free strategy call. 

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