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The Buchanan Blueprint: Our Unique Recruitment Process Explained

28th October 2022 | by: James Baker
The Buchanan Blueprint: Our Unique Recruitment Process Explained

As an employer or HR manager, it's your job to plan accordingly for staff leaving. But you can't always do it alone, so you start researching recruitment agencies to get support. 

The thing is, if you've never worked with a recruitment agency before, you might wonder what the recruitment process is like and what to expect.

If you're going to work with a recruitment agency, it makes sense to get to grips with each stage of the recruitment journey, so you can better prepare for what's to come. 

That's why, in this blog, we've given you a little insight into how we work. 

Explaining The Buchanan Blueprint: Our unique recruitment process, you'll learn all about every step in the hiring process from our first strategy call to post-placement support. 

We also explain some of the benefits of our recruitment process.

Let's get started!

Every recruitment step you'll take with Buchanan Search

We don't know about other recruitment agencies, but at Buchanan Search, we've spent years refining and improving our recruitment process to achieve the best results for our clients. 

Below, you'll find the fruits of our hard labour with an explanation of every stage of our recruitment process. Later, we'll also talk about the benefits of our recruitment process.

Stage 1: Initial call

In the first stage of the recruitment process, you'll speak to a member of our experienced team in a short, no-strings-attached strategy call. 

The point of this strategy call is to gain an initial understanding of what your business is all about, who you're looking for, and what you want to achieve. 

During this call, we'll figure out if we're a good fit for each other or if you're better off working with a more suitable recruitment partner, depending on your needs. 

Stage 2 Discovery session

The next stage of our recruitment process is to have a longer chat with you during a comprehensive discovery session. 

In this discovery meeting, our recruitment specialists will dig deeper into your company culture, pain points, vision, and goals for your new hire. 

Through this deep dive, our recruiters will be able to match you with applicants that not only possess the skills, qualifications, and experience you're looking for but are the right fit for your company culture, too.

Stage 3 Candidate shortlisting

Once we've gathered all the intel we need on your business, goals, culture, etc., it's time for our recruiters to begin the search and selection stage of the recruitment process. 

During this time, we will craft your job posts and ads, reach out to suitable candidates in our network, explore our database, and start narrowing down best-match CVs.

After our recruitment consultants shortlist applicants who we deem suitable for your open role, we begin interviewing them to ensure they're the right person to put forward. 

Stage 4 Job offer management

You've decided on the candidate (or candidates) that fit your role and company the most, but they're not in the bag yet. Now that the interview stage is over, it's time for that all-important job offer. 

The offer stage is where many employers can fail at the last hurdle. Navigating job offers is tricky, but our knowledgeable recruiters are here to help. With data-backed insights and advice, we'll help you offer the right price for the right candidate at the right time. 

Once they accept, we celebrate with you and get your chosen candidate up to speed with an onboarding and company education program. This crucial part of the process helps prevent "buyer's regret" and will set your new hire up for long-term success. 

Stage 5 Candidate aftercare

Our work doesn't stop once you've hired a new employee. The next and most crucial stage in our recruiting process is to offer your new hire post-placement aftercare.

With monthly check-ins for both you and the new hire, our recruiters ensure you're both feeling confident, happy, and calm about the decision. 

If there's any doubt or issues with the placement, our recruiters are here to offer expert advice and bring you back to a place of satisfaction. 

Stage 6 The Buchanan Guarantee

The next stage of our recruitment process is our unique "Buchanan Guarantee." The Buchanan Guarantee is something we rarely have to deploy, but a step in place to put our client's minds at ease. 

If the new hire we secured for you doesn't fit in as well as you'd hoped, we guarantee a free replacement within their first year of working with you. We're so confident in our success rate that you won't reach this stage, but we've got you covered if you do!

The benefits of The Buchanan Blueprint recruitment process

Now you know what to expect from the recruitment process at Buchanan Search; great! But what makes The Buchanan Blueprint recruitment journey so special? Why choose this recruitment process over others? Check out the benefits of The Buchanan Blueprint below!

  • Enjoy a frictionless journey: We've designed our 6-step recruitment process to streamline you and your candidate's employment journey, making it as fast and painless as possible.

  • Reduce the hiring stress: Being responsible for finding new talent in such a competitive market can take its toll. The Buchanan Blueprint completely removes this headache for you.

  • Save time with best-match CVs: By getting to know your business, goals, culture, and needs, we're able to narrow down candidates much faster to deliver a small list of excellent candidates rather than a long list of mediocre ones. 

  • Increase employee retention: Our post-placement care isn't something we see every recruitment agency do, but it's our most crucial step. By checking in and continuing to support you, we make sure your new hire stays for the long haul.

Learn more about increasing employee retention in our previous blog, "Improve employee retention with our top strategies for 2022 and beyond."

Ready to try out The Buchanan Blueprint for yourself?

Do you need help securing the right talent for your company culture, goals, and long-term vision? Talk to our recruitment consultants here at Buchanan Search. 

Using The Buchanan Blueprint, our proven 6-step process for finding, hiring, and retaining top graduate talent, we help UK employers save on recruitment costs while securing eager, ambitious, and skilled professionals for their team. 

Want to learn more and see how we can help? Book your fluff-free strategy call. 

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